How do I pay my Parking Charge?

To pay your Parking Charge please visit our Pay PCN page.

How do I appeal my Parking Charge?

Please visit our Appeals page.

Please Note: You cannot make a payment and appeal, you must do one or the other.


Why have I received a Parking Charge?

The car parks managed by EVPM have clear terms and conditions of parking, as detailed on the signage within the car park. If the terms and conditions are breached (e.g. parking in an electric vehicle charging bay or parking on private land), then a Parking Charge will be issued. If you feel the Parking Charge has been incorrectly issued, we will consider any appeal.

What will happen if I ignore a Parking Charge?

If all the correspondence issued by EVPM is ignored and no payment is received, then the Parking Charge will be reviewed and further action could include a referral to debt recovery, the instruction of solicitors to secure immediate payment, or the issuance of court proceedings, all of which will incur further costs. If you wish to appeal a Parking Charge, please contact our Appeals Department in writing or online, upon receipt of the first notification. 

Who are POPLA?

Parking Charges issued in England and Wales are underpinned by The Protection of Freedoms Act (POFA) 2012 and the Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) Service. The Act introduced the concept of ‘keeper liability’ for vehicles parked on private land, however, there had to be an independent appeals service to sit alongside the same, which is provided for by funding from the parking industry.

That independent service is known as Parking on Private Land Appeals or POPLA. Assessors at POPLA determine appeals from those who have been issued with Parking Charges when parked on private land in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To be able to lodge an appeal with POPLA, the motorist must first have sent an appeal (‘representations’) to the operator who issued the Parking Charge and have had their appeal rejected. POPLA is independent of all parties to appeals, including the operator and the British Parking Association, as are the Assessors who make the determinations.

Is the Parking Charge fair and reasonable?

In terms of the amount of the Parking Charge, the Supreme Court judgment, along with the British Parking Association Code of Practice at paragraph 19.5, supports the level of Charge issued by EVPM. Within this judgment, Lord Neuberger and Lord Sumption note that, “The charge is less than the maximum above which members of the BPA must justify their charges under their code of practice” and Lord Hodge finds that, “…local authority practice, the BPA guidance, and also the evidence that it is common practice in the United Kingdom to allow motorists to stay for two hours in such private car parks and then to impose a charge of £85, support the view that such a charge was not manifestly excessive […] the fact that motorists entering the car park were given ample warning of both the time limit of their licence and the amount of the charge also supports the view that the parking charge was not unconscionable.”

Where can I find my parking rights?

You can find your rights as a motorist on the following website: http://www.knowyourparkingrights.org/News/faq